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We act for individuals, families, employers and companies in a broad spectrum of immigration, commercial and property matters.

Our emphasis in any matter, from the simple to the very complex, is an efficient, pragmatic approach. I am appreciated by clients for my open and honest advice.

We are the best legal advisors in the city with the great experience and friendly environment.

Individuals and families

We are migrants, and also family people. We know what it means to you to be able to take care ...

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We are entrepreneurs, so we understand just how important your business is to you, what makes business sense and how ...

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Our Expertise

New Zealand Immigration Law

Every staff member in Ozturk law has personal experience with New Zealand’s immigration system, for...

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Property Law

Buying your first family home is an amazing experience, we love sharing this journey with our clients.

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Commercial Law

It’s an exciting time to be in business, global reach means you have access to greater partnerships and resources...

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Employment Relations

We have helped quite a few migrants now who were not treated fairly or even suffered outright abuse by...

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Estates and Trusts

We are family people, and understand the deep desire to protect your property and assets and provide for...

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Oktay was great when he came to interview me and Gobler is always very kind when we speak on the phone. Oktay Ozturk has addressed any concerns or questions I may have had.

Thomas More
Thomas More

I've been happy with the services provided by Oktay Ozturk. Oktay has been wonderful! He has returned my calls quickly, and he answered all my questions.

Howard K. Stern
Howard K. Stern

Meet the Lawyers

Oktay Ozturk

Oktay is a Turkish-born lawyer with extensive experience serving a variety of clients from different backgrounds.

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Janie Wetherell

Coming from a family of migrant entrepreneurs who have built up successful businesses in New Zealand...

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Muhammed Ozturk

Muhammed is a law clerk, who is gaining valuable experience while completing his studies at AUT. He is passionate...

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Hermann Grobler

Hermann is a South African-born lawyer. He provides legal services for employment law, commercial...

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